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What is MusicFirst Teacher?

Not ready to commit to a full annual MusicFirst Classroom subscription yet? MusicFirst Teacher gives a single user one year of affordable access to the MusicFirst Classroom learning management system, including the entire suite of integrated software

If a set budget means your school cannot immediately subscribe to MusicFirst Classroom, MusicFirst Teacher lets you try out all of the software in advance. For a subscription of just $129 (per teacher, per year) you get a year-long experience of the MusicFirst Classroom learning management system and integrated software. You also have the opportunity to upgrade to MusicFirst Classroom at any time.

So whether your school is on the brink of a major technology purchase, or just about to introduce incremental music technology features, a $129 subscription to MusicFirst Teacher may be the ideal option.


Single-user license

License for one teacher

Software access

Try the full suite of MusicFirst software for a whole year.

Add students anytime

This subscription can be upgraded at any time when you're ready to add students.


  • Supported Browsers

  • Chrome
  • iPad Student Version

  • MusicFirst Student App