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MusicFirst Assessment + PracticeFirst

For an additional $100 per year, each school may add PracticeFirst to their MusicFirst Assessment subscription. This tool reduces the amount of time teachers must spend on performance proficiency assessments. Rather than teachers having to listen to and manually assess each student’s recording, PracticeFirst does the listening for them, and automatically records outcomes in the MusicFirst Assessment digital gradebook.

Nuanced Feedback

Guided by machine-learning, the PracticeFirst software analyzes students' playing and provides immediate assessment of pitch & rhythm, as well as measure-by-measure accuracy.

Consistent Evaluation

PracticeFirst provides highly reliable scoring, free from the occasional inconsistencies that may comes from the most fair-minded teacher suffering from interruptions and a busy workload. Final grading can still be adjusted by the teacher.

Included & Custom

Music PracticeFirst contains an extensive library of repertoire for assessment. Teachers may also add custom exercises via the MusicXML uploader tool.

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