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MusicFirst Assessment

MusicFirst Assessment

MusicFirst Assessment lets music teachers see a complete overview of their students' progress in music knowledge and performance proficiency over the school year. Individual state and national standards are included in the platform, helping educators to ensure that their students are meeting recognized benchmarks.


How does it work?

A subscription gives access to the MusicFirst Classroom for two 30-day windows during the school year. The first allows educators to take a baseline reading of individual student knowledge and performance proficiency. The second then shows what progress has been made.


Performance Proficiency

Assessment MusicFirst Assessment makes it easy for students to record and submit playing samples for evaluation straight from their computer, phone, or tablet. With unlimited and well-organized file storage, this puts all student recordings at teachers’ fingertips, instantly.


Automatic Grading

Once a student submits a subject-matter assessment, a score is automatically generated and recorded in the Digital Gradebook. Performance proficiency assessments are scored manually, and then automatically recorded in the gradebook.


Assessment Analytics Tool

Assessment Analytics enhance the overview of student performance by displaying which concepts individual students have grasped, and which require more instruction.

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