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O-Generator is simple, engaging music software that enables students to compose and learn using popular and world music styles. O-Generator makes music accessible to all students, of all abilities. It engages students by using music that engages them! Now also available as a free iPad iOS App from the App Store (subscription required).

Create, Learn, Play & Group Lessons

Create Lessons

Students can create their own songs and loops from a wide range of instruments. Record as audio files. Use loops from our Loop Library.

Learn Lessons

Guided step-by-step lessons teaching core music principles of rhythm, melody, harmony, and songwriting in popular and world music. There are learning categories of green, blue and red levels. Students can learn from basic concepts to more complex musical devices. Each lesson has a quiz and a challenge to apply the students' newly acquired skills. O-Generator comes with a Watch Box that provides short videos, notation and visual illustrations to enhance students’ understanding. ### Play Lessons Play along to increasingly challenging world rhythms and music. Use your music room whiteboard and follow the entertaining step-by-step lessons with your school percussion or wind instruments. Warning, it’s addictive!

Group Lessons

Whole-class lyric writing, songwriting, and performance lessons are a must-see. They are engaging, cross-curricular lessons that are ideal for the non-specialist music teacher.

Teaching Resources

Teachers are provided with lesson plans. Curriculum planners support videos on teaching lessons. Assessment tools are provided to monitor students and classes. "I got the chance to use O-Generator with my 8th graders today. I LOVE the updates to the Compose lessons. The kids were totally engrossed and learned at lot!! I always liked the program and the updates have made it even better!"

- Janine Maletsky Music Educator, Lakeside Middle School, NJ

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