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Profiles in Teaching with Technology

Here at MusicFirst, we love a good podcast. We're always listening to them, sharing them, and even helping you teach your students how to make their own. So we thought: "Why not get in on the fun ourselves?"

Profiles in Teaching with Technology, hosted by MusicFirst's Founder & Director Dr. Jim Frankel, features episodes with leading K-12 music educators who use technology to enhance their teaching in innovative ways. We’ll discuss the what, why and how of their technology integration, and hopefully share some teaching strategies that you can use in your own classroom.

Episode Six - Brad Fuller

Check out episode 6 of our podcast! This episode features Brad Fuller, Director of Music at Northern Beach Christian School in Sydney, Australia. He began his career as a touring musician and eventually transitioned to classroom teaching. Early on, he saw the potential for technology to enhance the music learning experience, and he began hosting IT seminars for music educators. He earned his Ph.D. studying Blended Learning and has an incredible program integrating music with technology.

Episode Five - Meaghan O'Connor-Vince

This episode features Meaghan O'Connor-Vince, educator at Barnstable High School in Hyannis, MA. She currently teaches courses in music technology, rock & roll history, hip-hop history, and jazz history. She has authored numerous articles and is a frequent presenter at MEA conferences across the United States. 

Episode Four - Dr. Steven Berryman

Check out episode 4 of our Profiles in Teaching with Technology podcast! This episode features Dr. Steven Berryman, Director of Music at City of London School for Girls, and visiting research fellow at King's College London. He has been a Teach Through Music Fellow, a Teacher Advocate for Music Excellence London, and has completed projects with the Royal Opera House, London Philharmonic Orchestra, and NMC Recordings.

Episode Three - Dr. Michael Albertson

This episode features Dr. Michael Albertson, chair of the music department at a prestigious school in Los Angeles. Discover how he uses technology in his classroom to empower every student to believe that not only are they a musician, but that they are a composer.

Episode Two - Stefanie Weigand

This episode features Stefanie Weigand, choral director at Harwood Union Middle/High School, and president of the Vermont ACDA chapter. Find out how she incorporates technology into her choral curriculum, using it to fight attrition and avoid creating "20,000 worksheets".

Episode One - Shawna Longo

Our first episode profiles the amazing Shawna Longo, a teacher at Hopatcong Middle School in New Jersey, and recipient of the 2019 TI:ME Teacher of the Year Award. Click the link below to hear our inaugural episode!