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This story introduces a classroom at Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School led by instructor Kamil Cooper, who is using Soundation to teach music production.

Cooper’s class is part of the Bell program, a curriculum-based initiative that engages students outside of normal school hours to prevent “summer brain drain” while school is out of session.

Using Soundation, students have experimented with creating their own music using beats and samples included in the software. Cooper’s goal is to incorporate real world scenarios, and for students to explore future career opportunities in music and audio production. One particular participant, 13-year-old Courtney Cummings, says he has learned to channel his emotions through creating music.


Soundation, targeted to Middle and High School level students, is a revolutionary sequencer and audio recording program that lives entirely online in the cloud. It works on any computer with internet access (Mac or PC) and doesn’t require any hardware setup or any problems making the software run, which is extremely common with regular music sequencers when used in schools.

The software allows students to learn how to use all of the standard features of a music sequencer, such as manipulating audio loops provided with the Soundation, creating new audio by recording straight into the software, building multitrack sequences and much more.