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MusicFirst, providers of the cloud-based online classroom enabling music learning, creation, assessment, sharing, and exploration on any Internet-enabled device, today announced that they will be adding the digital edition of In Tune Monthly magazine as an element of their product beginning in April 2018. More than 300,000 U.S. music students and their teachers will receive In Tune’s “The Young Musician’s Textbook,” from within MusicFirst’s suite of software. MusicFirst will also contribute regular editorial content to the teacher’s edition of In Tune Monthly.

“Adding In Tune to the MusicFirst Online Classroom brings a new dimension to our offering,” said MusicFirst director, Dr. James Frankel. “In Tune’s contemporary coverage, historical perspective, and unique instructional elements supply music students with readings that broaden their music education experience, as well as provide context for all of MusicFirst’s other resources.”

“This is nothing short of a watershed moment in the expansion of In Tune via our digital edition,” said In Tune Partners’ CEO, Irwin Kornfeld. “Placing In Tune within MusicFirst’s package of education technology tools gives students the perfect mix of interaction and introspection, allowing them to both study In Tune’s readings and use MusicFirst’s hands-on tools. And, coming on the heels of In Tune Digital’s new distributions to students taught by NAfME, Little Kids Rock, and LAUSD educators, among others, adding this large and important reach of music students and their teachers via MusicFirst is a significant step in our effort to help schools and teachers provide their students with a full and balanced music education.”

About In Tune Monthly In Tune Monthly is an integrated media resource written for music students and their teachers. Available in print and via computers and mobile devices, In Tune uses contemporary design and imagery that appeals to students, and provides insights into a wide variety of musical genres, instruments and technology. It covers all aspects of the music curriculum, supplying content about how music is created, learned, practiced, performed, and recorded. It also reveals the broadest range of options for higher musical education, careers in the arts, and music’s integral and enduring role in life. Now in its 15th year, In Tune is published monthly from October through May with the cooperation of The National Association for Music Education, Little Kids Rock/Modern Band, Drum Corps International, WGI, and scores of music industry companies and organizations.